Bishop & Elect Lady

A message from Bishop Brazzle

“Hello, I am Bishop R.L.Brazzle, the Founder and Pastor of Bible Teaching Ministries Inc. It is a delight to welcome you to our website and it is my sincere hope that it enlightens you about our Ministry's programs, mission, and vision. We are a church founded on the Principles of God's word, non-denominationally driven, spirit-filled, and wholeheartly believe that with Christ all things are truly possible. Again, welcome to our website!”

Mr. and Mrs. R.L. Brazzle

About Our Bishop

Bishop Brazzle, through the inspiration of God, founded BTM in August 1991 with the Motto “Loose the Shackles and Join the Joy.” The Purpose of Bible Teaching Ministries is to encourage, enlighten, and enhance the lives of people through the uncompromising teaching and preaching of God's word. It is our Bishop's belief that it is the Word of God that Binds the Enemy and likewise Builds Community.

Since the birth of BTM, many souls have been saved, backsliders reclaimed, and hearts changed to the ways of God. The ministry started in the Pastor’s home with twelve young people and four adults and has grown yearly.  There is now Bible Teaching Ministries in Dallas, Texas, and Los Angeles, California, which branched from the Mother Church.

He has been in the Pastorate for over twenty years and is a dedicated family man. He is  the son of the late Geneva Brazzle of Longview, and husband to Thelma J. Brazzle. Bishop Brazzle is the father of Roderick and Raitanza and has two grandchildren. He is loyal and faithful to God, his family and church. Bishop Brazzle was sent by God as an anointed servant to do the “will” of God, and has thus proven himself to be one of God’s men for the times.

During his quest for excellence in accordance to the will of God, Bishop Brazzle has achieved many complishments.  These include a Bachelor of Science and a Master of Education both from East Texas State University in Commerce, Texas and he has earned a Doctorate in Christian based Psychology from Louisiana Baptist University in Shreveport, LA.  He teaches the word with a passion which exhibits his love of God and God’s people. He has touched many lives with a yearning to see souls saved! He is truly a man after God’s own heart.

About Our Elect Lady

Elect Lady T.J. Brazzle is the wife of our leader Bishop Brazzle. She is one of seven children born to Superintendent and Mrs. F.L. Mitchell of Tyler, Texas. She is an anointed praise and worship leader who ushers in the Spirit of God each Sunday before the word goes forth. She is not only a support to her husband, she is a woman of vision and unwavering compassion for God’s people. She truly has a servant’s heart and a desire to make a difference in the lives of God’s people.

Elect Lady Brazzle is actively involved in all aspects of the ministry. She is the mother of two, Roderick and Raitanza, the grandmother of two, and the spiritual mother of many. She is the founder of the Annual July Fest Women’s Conference, The Annual Winter Ball, and the BTM Women of Power.